Friday, 18 November 2011


I don't have an idea how to start it just -because you're my girl i'm so over care about you -because you're so amazing for me -because you're so sweet that always make me so blushing -because the truth of love i get it start from you -because you're the only one that can accept me -because you never stop to say 'I love You' for me -because i know you believe with me and i believe you too. Macam i cakap sebelum ni,walau apa-apa pun terjadi please sayang don't leave me alone.I only have you in my heart seriously sayang only you. Anything Putri just anything you want but please sayang don't you leave me. I'm so sorry for what happen that make you hurt,but please i need you so much. LOVE ;shahrul

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